JTM Music

Sydney Recording Engineer / Music Lessons / Music Entertainment Provider



I have played in many different types of bands, recorded demo’s, albums and live shows. I’ve mixed countless live shows both as a performer and as an engineer. I have Tech Directed musicals, run countless indoor and outdoor live gigs and recorded and mixed hours upon hours of all different types of musical performances from full orchestras to small ensembles, rock bands, strings, pianos etc. I’ve taught hundreds (if not over a thousand) classroom and private one on one music lessons to people aged 5 to 50. I have always been interested in every part of music and I’m a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. I play drums, guitar, bass, keys and I sing. I didn’t use to. But I do now...

This website is me letting people know what I do and what I’m about. What I want to achieve in life is to make/perform music, teach people how to become better musicians and to meet interesting people along the way while growing and learning and sharing knowledge.


Qualifications: BMUS, Grad Dip Education, Cert IV TAE, Cert III Live Production.

Instrumental Experience

Guitarist / Bassist - 15 years

Drummer - 15 years

Singer - On and off for 15 Years

Decent at Keys :) haha


Member of multiple bands over 10+ years. Drummer for Original Rock Band, Drummer for Original Alternative Rock Band, Guitarist in multiple Acoustic Duo’s, Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals in multiple Cover Bands, Bassist for Blues/Folk Large Ensemble, Performing for HSC Music students on Drums, Keys, Bass, Guitar and Vocals.

Audio Engineer

Live sound: 10+ years mixing rock bands, pop ensembles and other musical groups on analogue and digital mixing consoles. Mixing live bands both as a performer and engineer, Mixing vocal mics and live wind ensemble for musicals, Mixed outdoor and indoor small and large ensemble gigs on varying systems. Experience on large digital consoles and digital Wifi systems.

Recording: 10+ Years experience recording on multiple consoles with multiple systems, software and microphones. Mic’ing Drums (Ribbons, LDC’s, SDC’s, Dynamics etcc), All Guitars, Vocals (male, female, large ensemble), Keys, Strings, Piano, Brass, Woodwind, Large Ensembles, Small Ensembles, Live Rock Bands, Electronic Music Production, Tracking Demos, Tracking Albums. I own multiple microphones of all varieties and use multitrack preamps on my own digital system.

Mixing: 10+ years mixing and producing music in Pro Tools. Mixed all types of recordings. Band EP’s, Funk EP’s, Vocal Overdubs, Multitrack sessions with 50+ Tracks, guitars, drums, vocal overdubs. Guitar reamping, drum replacement. Editing, time shifting tracks. Chopping structures. Placing vocals on samples.


Produced, tracked and mixed original and cover arrangements of music with Indie Rock Bands, Funk Bands, Rap Artists, Vocalists and Other Small Ensembles.