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Using an IPad VS Sheet Music in Folders for Music Gigs

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Recently I acquired myself an IPad thanks to a good mate that buys great presents (everyone needs one of those). I am a tech follower and am always keen to check out ideas and concepts that streamline things. Needless to say that the IPad does just that. Long gone are the days of endless song folders and countless hours of arranging and re-arranging song sheets. I found that this process was quite laborious and time consuming. Yet the nostalgia still remains. Being a Gen Y I grew up in a tactile era of VHS Tapes and sheet music. Alas, I digress....

+ve's about IPad - Digital song import and editing. - Ease of setlist creation and organisation. - Light carry weight

-ve's about IPad - Cost ($200-$400 minimum) - Tedious setup (but once done great results)

Things I found very useful!

- Finding chord charts on ultimate guitar. - Using "OnSong" app to organise my files. You can also use onsong to import chord charts from ultimate guitar. I foubd that the ultimate guitar app is a little less intuitive when it comes to organisong songs. - Using dropbox to keep my chord charts and import them to OnSong.

It is a little fiddly at first but once you have everything setup it is quite easy to manage.

So in summary the IPad (in my opinion) is a more streamlined and effective way to store your charts. The drawbacks are minimal for the productivity gain that you obtain. If you are looking at going down this path there is a contact form on this website. Drop a line and let us help you get setup!

James, Owner JTM Music